Remembering Fr. Charlie Series

Remembering Fr. Charlie – None Wore More Hats Than He Did

I know his famous words were “Relax. God’s in charge.” But for me I knew I could relax because Fr. Charlie was in charge...

Just hearing Fr. Charlie’s name brings a smile to my face.

We moved from Minnesota to Temple, Texas in April of 1995.  I was a nervous Mom taking my three children for their first day of school at St. Mary’s (sixth grade, fourth grade and first grade).  Fr. Charlie was the pastor there at that time. Upon our arrival, I saw him standing at the door of the school greeting each child with a smile and marking the forehead of each of them with a cross.  

That’s all it took for me to have a soft spot in my heart for him! I left for home feeling confident that my kids were in good hands that day – and every day after that – because Fr. Charlie never missed a day, rain or shine.  I know his famous words were “Relax. God’s in charge.” But for me I knew I could relax because Fr. Charlie was in charge.

In those early years of Holy Trinity, everyone needed to wear multiple hats including parents and teachers.  But none wore more hats than Fr. Charlie! In addition to his many duties, Fr. Charlie would drive the soccer team to all their out-of-town games in his Suburban.  Many of these games were played in the Dallas area which made for very long days. But there was Fr. Charlie, always with his smile!

After he had been re-assigned to be pastor in Killeen, he would drive several students from the Copperas Cove area to Holy Trinity every day.  He put a lot of miles on that Suburban!

All three of our kids went on to graduate from Holy Trinity.  Andrew was a member of the first graduating class of 2001, Anna graduated in 2003 and Mary in 2006. We are all very grateful for their time as students there.

So often through the years I have gotten through a tough time by hearing Father Charlie’s message in my head reminding me of just Who is in charge.  But for me, I always knew it was really Fr. Charlie.

* * *

The joyful witness of Fr. Charlie is one that we need to preserve so that he can continue to touch the lives of our students like he did during his lifetime. If you have photos or fond memories of Fr. Charlie, please feel free to share them with us by contacting Alyssa Snyder at or Isabelle Brogan at Please limit written memories or stories to 400-500 words a piece.

* * *

IMG_2369About the Author

Eva Borys is the mother of three Holy Trinity Alumni: Andrew, Anna, and Mary. She also worked in the Advancement Department and Front Office in the early years of the school. She currently lives in Wisconsin but always looks forward to hearing news from the Holy Trinity family she left in Texas.

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